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Paint It Yourself: Chalk Paint Basics
Paint It Yourself: Chalk Paint Basics
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683 Central Ave,
683 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA

In our workshops, you will learn our painting techniques and styles so that you will gain confidence in achieving a range of professional quality finishes and learn to develop your own personal style.

Hosted by Rande James, Owner of White Owl Market

You can even book your own party. Call today and schedule a date for your group!


Limit 5 per group/class so that we can have plenty of room and one-on-one teaching time.

Prices: $75 per person

Includes all the tools you need to complete your project.

How it works?

Show up in your paint clothes. Bring in a small piece that you wish to paint, or you can buy one in our store if available, set it at your station and away we go!

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