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Shop "Zac Gives Back" Collection

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White Owl Market is founded by an exceptionally compassionate animal rescue lover who has a mission to help animals in need. In memory of our beloved "shop dog" & rescue Zac, we dedicate this collection of pillows to him and to all the rescues like him. Zac Gives Back!

The Artist Collection of Fur Baby pillows are a fun and creative way to help save the lives of shelter pets. We donate 25% of proceeds from every order to a non-profit animal shelter or rescue. We have helped thousands of shelter pets, and with your help, can help thousands more.

The Artist Collection are a generous 18x18 pillow using a durable indoor/outdoor fabric that will last years to come. The artist used rich tones to create these truly beautiful and well depicted line of pillows. They are also an amazing gift to your pet loving friends too,